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Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour

There’s something for everybody at the Inaugural Sam’s Club National BBQ Tour events. Besides samplings, you can get exclusive barbecue tips and demonstrations from professional cooks, including Troy Black. And you get the excitement of seeing top cooks from your area go head to head for the chance to win big. Check out the schedule and get ready to have some fresh-off-the-grill fun.

Local Events

  • July 7/2/11 Sam’s Club, 8300 W. 135 St., Lenexa, Kan.
  • 7/9/11 Sam’s Club, 6521 S.E. 29th St., Midwest City, Okla.
  • 7/23/11 Sam’s Club, 7475 Winchester Road, Memphis, Tenn.
  • August 8/6/11 Sam’s Club, 5940 Trussville Crossings Blvd., Birmingham, Ala.
  • 8/20/11 Sam’s Club, 150 Cobb Pkwy S., Marietta, Ga.
  • 8/27/11 Sam’s Club, 7810 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee, Fla.
  • September 9/10/11 Sam’s Club, 4418 W. Wendover Ave., Greensboro, N.C.
  • 9/17/11 Sam’s Club, 2444 Chesapeake SQ Ring Road, Chesapeake, Va.
  • 9/24/11 Sam’s Club, 249 Summit Park Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Regional Events

  • July 7/16/11 Sam’s Club, 4400 Bryant Irvin Road, Fort Worth, Texas
  • August 8/13/11 Sam’s Club, 10859 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind.
  • September 10/1/11 Sam’s Club, 2950 Horse Bock Road, Medford, N.Y.
  • October 10/8/11 Sam’s Club, 2120 Emporium Drive, Jackson, Tenn.


  • October 10/15/11 Sam’s Club, 3500 S.E. Club Blvd., Bentonville, Ark.

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