Nice to meat you! Here’s my card.


“Glad you all could join me today for this presentation. My name is Rocky. I’d like to take a moment to pass around my cards. If you have any questions, feel free to call the number listed. ”

(stunned silence)

“Um yeah, Rocky, can I have another card…it kind of fell into my mouth.”

That’s how I envision an encounter with this latest and greatest creation….the meat card. All I can say is, “Wow”. I wouldn’t want to carry one of these around in my pocket though. I keep thinking about mutton-filled pockets a-la Seinfeld and dogs chasing me for blocks after leaving a business meeting.

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Screw the supermarket, make it yourself

I just recently made my first foray into the homemade bacon arena, having purchased uncured, unsmoked pork belly from a local farm. Being a typical guy, I didn’t bother with things like “instructions” or “procedure” and just proceeded to smoke the thawed belly in my charcoal smoker with a little pecan wood. Needless to say, hot smoking cooks the bacon, so I was “forced” to eat the whole lot lest it go to waste.
Of course, without the curing process, the smoke flavor was left on its own to carry the day so, while very good, the meat didn’t taste especially “bacon-y”. So next time, I’ll be following the steps found here, though I think I’ll be experimenting a bit more with flavors and curing times, etc.

Bacon Gone Wild!!!

A bacon fueled torch

A bacon fueled torch

It always amazes me the things that people will try to do with meat. It seems we are not just content to consume it but instead try to make it do things that, end the end, wastes a perfectly good piece of bacon… or prosciutto.

But, I will admit it’s pretty cool to see a piece of bacon burn through steel. Read the full article and watch the video at

This is Why You’re Fat (.com)

Why didn't I think of this site?!?

Why didn't I think of this site?!?

In the spirit of fondness for creativity and the urge to show everyone the follies of being human, we’d like to introduce you to one of our new favorite sites (if you aren’t already familiar). The creator(s) of, have blessed to the world all the glorious reminders as to why we Americans are gluttonous, gigantic fatties. Through our love of all things meat, we fully embrace our fellow meat-loving breathren, while at the same time, quietly barf in the trash by the mere sight of some of the meat creations that were unfortunate enough to take material form…soooooo awesome!!!

Again, here’s the site: This is one worth bookmarking.

The Meat Sweats Song???

Ok, we can do better than this. I’m not sure what the heck this is, but the challenge is on now. If you have a funny video parody about the meatsweats, send it our way. Since no one knows about this site, we’ll surely post one ourselves very soon…..

Ahhh…the Porkgasm

Better than sex

Better than sex

What’s better than a real pig, smoked over a fire pit for 12 hours? Naturally, a large glob of various meats formed into the shape of a pig. Complete with organs and everything. The guys over at posted one awesome, albeit gnarly looking pork creation. This is probably one of the grossest looking, yet strangely appetizing things I’ve ever had the privilege to lay my eyes on. Click on through for the full description of how to make one, along with tons of pics. Happy Meating!

Get all the freak nasty details here.