Five Guys Burgers & Fries Review – Mouth Smacking Goodness

mmmmm..... double meat bacon cheeseburger

mmmmm..... double meat bacon cheeseburger

I’m always on the hunt for a good burger joint.  You know the king I’m talking about.  The ones where the people working the counter and the cooks making the burgers seem to actually care about what they are doing.  I’m not talking about the fast food type of place and I’m not talking about a place that has a choice of chicken or veggie patty and tries to dignify the choice by still calling it a burger.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries is just one of those types of places.  The menu is quite simple – you can get burgers or dogs, and fries.  They even have a grilled cheese or veggie option if your not into meat, which is fine with me since they did the right thing by calling them sandwiches instead of burgers.

As I stepped up to the counter I realized they have a lot of choices for burger toppings, which are all free – no extra charges here, so be prepared when it’s your turn to order or you could cause a pile up behind you as you try and craft the perfect burger.  At this particular lunch outing I was feeling particularly peckish, so I ordered a regular cheeseburger with bacon, mustard, ketchup, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.  I also got a side of Five Guys Cajun Style fries.

When my number was called my food was handed to me in a plain brown paper bag that was already showing the beginnings of grease stains on it.  When I looked insied it I saw a very large foil bundle and a huge cup of fries.

Then I opened everything up.

Wow, good stuff.

The burger was a double meat burger (apparently that’s the standard and if you want only a single patty you have to be brave enough to order a “Little Burger”) and was piled high with the toppings I ordered. My fries were overflowing – so much so that they didn’t all fit in the cup and about a quarter of them stayed in the bag.

The cheese was totally melted and didn’t even resemble a square anymore, it was basically fused with the bottom patty. The bacon that came with the burger tasted like the kind of bacon that you eat for breakfast – thick and hearty. I kept having to stop eating and wipe my face and hands as the juices seemed to get everywhere.  The bottom bun basically disintegrated before I could finish the last couple of bites, where it went I wasn’t quite sure but didn’t really care.

The cajun fries were good but not spectacular.  I was actually expecting something with a little more spice to them.

Overall, I must say that this was one good burger and I felt totally complacent and at ease with the world whe I was finished eating. I was also full, but not so full that I felt overly stuffed.

Will I be making another trip to Five Guys Burgers and Fries? You betcha.

Pancakons – Breakfast of Kings

The mighty Pancakon

The mighty Pancakon

For me Thursday is just the day that stands between me and Friday (which is the gateway to the weekend) that I just try to get through as fast as possible.  Usually, Thursday’s are very low-key and really nothing special.

Until this past Thursday.  That day I was greeted with a tasty and unexpected treat as I arrived at work in the morning.  Sitting on my desk was a small mini-muffin.  Usually I am very wary of unexpected food showing up at my desk first thing in the morning but as my mind tried to make sense of what I found, my nose began to pick up the delicious aroma of bacon.

Like most males I have a deep weakness for bacon.

So, I picked it up, looked it over, and discovered that indeed bacon was topping this little muffin.  It took me about two seconds to figure out that only one person would have come up with this unique bacon delivery system – founder Rocky B.

I was informed, by the genius himself, that what I was holding was a “Pancakon”.

What’s a Pancakon you ask?

A Pancakon is one part pancake, one part caramel icing with maple syrup topping, and one part applewood bacon crumbles.  All delivered in a mini-muffin cup for easy handling – especially for those people trying to make it to morning meetings and neglected breakfast.

How did it taste?

It was delicious.  It tasted like a regular full pancake breakfast with all the fixings, except it was portable and easy to eat on the go. A side benefit of the Pancakon was the great smell that it left in the air – as if you just woke up to your mom making you a hearty breakfast to start the day.

I give the Pancakon an enthusiastic “thumbs up”. Especially for those people on the go who don’t want to mess around with those cardboard tasting breakfast bars or the run-of-the-mill bagels, but would rather enjoy the taste of a complete breakfast like mom used to make.

My only gripe about the Pancakon – I only had one to try as all the other samples were gone by the time I returned from my meeting.

Hopefully Rocky will share his recipe for the Pancakon in a future post so that others may benefit from his tasty genius.