The Meat Sweats Song???

Ok, we can do better than this. I’m not sure what the heck this is, but the challenge is on now. If you have a funny video parody about the meatsweats, send it our way. Since no one knows about this site, we’ll surely post one ourselves very soon…..

This One Goes Out to All My Hawaiian Homies…

All Hail Spam!

All Hail Spam!

For those that enjoy your meat from a can and enjoy a little background music while you eat, the makers of every Hawaiians favorite meat in a can product have got you covered….

SPAM Music Jukebox

These songs don’t actually make me want to go out and by some SPAM, but I must admit I actually found myself grooving to a few of these delicious licks.

Crank it up and dig in!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of MEAT!

The only flowchart you'll ever need

The only flowchart you'll ever need

Greetings Meat Lovers,

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.¬† Welcome to the world of Our goal here is to provide you with the insane, the usual, and the best news you can find about all things meat related.¬† From Porkgasms (we’ll write about this shortly) to the latest bad-ass grills and spices, our goal is to keep you salivating for more.

So what the heck are the meat sweats anyway? Here’s my official definition:

“A temporary¬†occurence of profuse sweating due to the rapid ingestion of large quantities of meat. ”

Are the meat sweats fact or fiction? One of the goals of this site is to find out, and what better way to start than to try and prove this definition with the consumption of bacon. Who doesn’t like bacon??? The answer should be no one, and to show you why we know you like bacon, take a look at the great flowchart above. If you’re not enticed to try and get the meat sweats, you will be after taking a look at the chart.

Happy Meating!!!!